Advertising ROI Calculator

Find out what Trueoptin’s ROI compares to other networks with our free advertising ROI calculator

Are Your Ads Profitable?

Not sure if your advertising is paying the bills? Aimlessly spending on click campaigns can be a leak in your business’s financials. Trueoptin is performance based ad network, where you pay for results and conversions. Having the highest intent and clarity in the industry, our network boasts profitability. Use the ad spend ROI calculator below to see how your campaigns can perform on Trueoptin.

Monthly Ad Budget

What does your business spend on ads per month? If your business is currently advertising online, a good rule of thumb is to allocate 30% of your yearly revenue to advertising.


Expected CPL

Depending on the ad network and audience, D2C marketers can expect cost-per-lead to range from $2-$77 or more.


Average Sale Price

What does the average customer spend with you? Typically this will mean just the one time purchase, but with Trueoptin’s lead-driven ad units, capturing an email will go beyond the first purchase, instead helping you measure a larger lifetime value success.


Lead To Customer Rate

The most important piece to the puzzle, you need to know how to effectively turn leads into paying customers. Smart marketers can close higher than average, make sure you set high intent with your ads on Trueoptin, this will yield a higher lead to customer rate for your business.



Number of Leads


Value of a Lead

Number of Customers

Expected Revenue

Expected Profit