72% of all visitors going to your website leave without taking any action - they are lost forever!

So what can you do about this alarming fact? Watch this short video and see how you can turn those unknown visitors into to sales leads and ultimately paying customers.

Key Product Features

  • Advanced Popup Form Design

    Comprehensive pop up form design function allows you to build and specify EXACTLY what you want on a pop form – there are no limitations! Images can be simply dragged into the form and any number of data capture fields added. The form can be any color, size or shape.

  • Use Your Own Web Form

    You can also use your own web form. You simply drag your form into the Form Designer then add and overlay the data capture fields.  So your information capture form will automatically trigger the autoresponder or email follow ups with no technical experience required.

  • Form Deployment & Presentation

    Sidebar technology enables you to decide on the size, shape & positioning of the sidebar tab anywhere on a web page. Alternatively the form can appear automatically in the centre of the page.  You can also embed the form anywhere on your web site. There is also an option to delay the pop up appearing.

  • Email Templates

    Many different email templates are provided so you do not have to spend time formatting emails. In addition, drag & drop technology enable you to quickly add any image to designated areas on the email. Different marketing campaigns can use different email templates.

  • Automatic Email Scheduling

    Campaigns consist of a series of emails that can be scheduled to send after so many days and at any time of the day. The initial email can also be sent immediately or delayed.

  • Subscriber Segmenting

    Subscriber segmentation allows prospects to be moved automatically from one from campaign to another. This is done by the prospect responding or selecting a link supplied in the campaign email.

  • Analytics and Reports

    A comprehensive Dashboard is provided to show Campaign results as they are happening. Graphical statistics detail the number of subscribers / unsubscribes and how successful campaigns are going. Also, email activity and calls to action are tracked showing open and click through rates.

  • Import Mailing Lists

    It is easy to import your own mailing lists and create campaigns. Additional emails are charged for but unlike other products, you only pay for the emails you use.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

    All web forms are designed to function well on mobile devices without compromising the design and layout on traditional media.

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